A Digital Catalogue of the
Pre-1500 Manuscripts and Incunables of the
Canterbury Tales
Second Edition
Location:   Ex-Bertram, 4th Earl of Ashburnham 
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fol. 21=Mr. Paul Robertson
fol. 22=Mr. Frank J. Piehl
fol. 26=Sold at Christie’s, November 23, 1998, lot 27; sold at Christie’s June 12, 2015, lot 42 (23.9 x 16.7 cm)
fol. 28=Stanford University Spec Coll Z232.C38 D7 1905 F
fol. 38=Tulane University Libraries 094.1 D855, Jones Hall Rare Books
fol. 39=State Library of South Australia 821.1 C496 b Restricted use
fols. 41-42=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1
fol. 43*=Buffalo & Erie County Public Library RBR Bibliog D785
fols. 43-48=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1
fol. 50*=Northwestern University, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
fols. 50-55=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1
fol. 51*=Newberry Library Inc. 9626
fol. 54*=Grabhorn Collection, San Francisco Public Library
fol. 56=Chapin Library, Williams College
fol. 57=Henry E. Huntington Library Spec XXX Eng Inc. Pr 9626 Accession number 105747
fol. 60=Library of Congress, Copy1=Batcheldur Collection [Z232.C38K87]
fol. 62=Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, Z232.C38 D7 1905 Q
fol. 64=Boston Public Library
fol. 65=University of Tokyo LibraryA100 1007
fol. 76=New York Public Library, *KP+ (Caxton) Duff
fol. 77=University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, HRC Incun 1478 C393c Rare Books Col
fol. 79=Milner Library, Illinois State University
fol. 81=National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum L287-1910
fol. 82=Sold at Christie’s, December 11, 2001, lot 432 (23.2 x 18.3 cm)
fol. 83=Lilly Library Z 232 | .C38 D85
fol. 86=Houghton Library, Harvard University B 4456.340 F*
fol. 92=Ellis Library, University of Missouri-Columbia Z232.C38 D7 1905
fol. 95=Northwestern University, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
fol. 97=Lehigh University
fol. 98=Southern Illinois University
fol. 99=Keio University Betsu ILB@615
fol. 101=University of Delaware Library FOLIO Z232.C38 D7 1905
fol. 102=Spokane Public Library FULLER 655.1 D873
fol. 103=Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley, f IE6.W35C2.1478c.leaf Bancroft
fol. 105=Sold at Christie’s, October 8, 2001, lot 22. Ex-Abel E. Berland
fol. 108=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1
fol. 110=[Sacramento Public Library]
fol. 113=Michael Thompson
fol. 114=Gutenberg Museum GM Ink 132
fol. 117=The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
fol. 118=The University of Iowa Libraries FOLIO Z232.C38 D79 1905
fol. 120=Newberry Library Inc. 9626
fol. 121=Sold at Swann Galleries, April 18, 2002 (23.4 x 18.5 cm).
fol. 122=San Diego Public Library, Wang Collection
fol. 124=Amherst College Library x RBR C393Z D
fol. 125=Grand Rapids Public Library
fol. 126=Firestone Library, Robert H. Taylor Collection
fol. 127=Toledo Museum of Art 1926.95
fol. 128=Thomas Riedlinger
fol. 139=University of Michigan, Special Collections Library Z 232.C384 D86
fol. 145=University of North Carolina, Wilson Library, Inc. 531.5 1478
fol. 147=R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
fol. 150=Northern Illinois University Libraries Z232.C38 D7 1905
fol. 152=National Trust (Bateman’s)
fol. 153=Library of Congress, Copy 2=Batcheldur Collection [Incun.X.C47]
fol. 154=Pequot Library
fol. 155=Wellesley College, Book Arts Collection, Caxton Club Folio
fol. 161=Coleraine, Ulster University Library
fol. 162=Sold at Christie’s, November 23, 1998, lot 26; sold at Christie’s June 12, 2015, lot 41 (23.9 x 18.9 cm).
fol. 164=University of Colorado at Boulder Z232.C38 D7 1905
fol. 166=Northwestern University, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
fol. 170=Houghton Library, Harvard University B 4456.340 F*
fol. 171=Library of Congress, Copy 3=Batcheldur Collection [Incun.X.C48]
fol. 172=Southern Methodist University, Bridwell Library 06750
fol. 174=Philadelphia Free Library A655.142 C31
fol. 175=Rochester Institute of Technology, Cary Graphic Arts Collection cc093C384xD855w
fol. 178=Washington University Library Z232. C38 D7 1905 4o
fol. 179=Sold at Sotheby’s New York 19 June 2008o
fols. 184, 186, 188-189, 196-197, 199-205, 207-229=Private Collection, Virginia (ex-Sir Paul Getty; ex-Doheny 11, 10; De Ricci 22.28)
fol. 231=Sold at Swann Galleries April 18, 2002 (23.5 x 19; inlaid in a larger sheet)
fols. 232-248, 251-254, 258-263=Private Collection, Virginia (ex-Sir Paul Getty; ex-Doheny 11, 10; De Ricci 22.28)
fol. 264=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1
fol. 265=Ex-Sir Paul Getty; ex-Doheny 11, 10; De Ricci 22.28
fol. 278=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, copy 2
fol. 281=Tokyo, Professor Toshiyuki Takamiya (This may, however, be De Ricci 22.26, described as “One leaf only, mounted in a frame.” I have not been able to examine the leaf, and the frame obscures essential information.)
fol. 282=San Juan, Puerto Rico, La Casa del Libro
fol. 298=Newberry Library, Caxton Club Archives
Q [38]/fols. [299-306]=Ex-Camarillo, California, St. John’s Seminary, Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library
fol. 337=Uppsala, Sweden Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
fol. 354=Detroit Public Library, Rare Books Collection
fol. 355=Sold at Christie’s, December 17, 1983, lot 69. (The leaf is described as “folio 353 [Y3].” This would be fol. [355]=45.3.)
fol. 359=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, copy 3

This unbound fragment was distributed by the Caxton Club as part of a leaf-book edition in 1905 (Duff [Caxton Club] 1905). Before the Caxton Club acquired these leaves, several fragments were combined with other Ashburnham disjecta into the copy now at Yale, De Ricci 22.23(?)=Beinecke Library Zi 9626, Copy 1. Still more leaves comprise part of a fragment of 65 folios, the ex-Sir Paul Getty copy=De Ricci 22.28. Another fragment, consisting of Q [38]/fols. [299-306], was sold at the auction of the Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library. The fragment also apparently had duplicates of some leaves, as the Northwestern leaf (fol. 50*]),and the Newberry leaf (fol. [51*]), and the San Francisco Public Library leaf (fol. 54*) coincide with two of the leaves in the Beinecke fragment (copy 1) that share the diagnostic pagination and other features with the majority of the Caxton Club leaves.

Mosser, Daniel W. “William Caxton’s First Edition of the Canterbury Tales and the Origin of the Leaves for the Caxton Club’s 1905 Leaf Book.” Disbound and Dispersed: The Leaf Book Considered. Ed. Susan F. Rossen. Newcastle, DL: Oak Knoll Books, 2005. 24-50.